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By David Eddings

"Eddings' BELGARIAD is precisely the type of fable i love. It has magic, experience, humor, secret, and a undeniable pleasant human insight."
Piers Anthony

Long in the past, the Storyteller claimed, during this first booklet of THE BELGARIAD, the evil god Torak drove males and Gods to battle. yet Belgarath the Sorcerer led males to reclaim the Orb that safe males of the West. as long as it lay at Riva, the prophecy went, males will be safe.
But Garion didn't think in such tales. mentioned on a quiet farm by way of his Aunt Pol, how may perhaps he be aware of that the Apostate deliberate to wake dread Torak, or that he will be led on a quest of unheard of magic and chance via these he loved--but didn't know...?

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Ring And String Effect: A ring threaded onto a loop is released, although a spectator is holding the string. Secret: Read PREPARATION carefully to see how you can solve this puzzle. Props: Any ring and one cord. Preparation: Get someone to help you practise this item before presenting it. Tie one piece of cord into a loop (circle). Slide the ring onto one end of the loop. Have your friend hold up his fingers. Put each end of the loop over one finger (see figure 1) but not too tight. Take a section of this cord and make another loop over the finger on the other side of the ring (see figure 2).

Secretly turn the special card over and bring it out, showing the King of Diamonds. Also place this in the other box. Show the first box empty. The Aces have vanished. Take all four cards (really only two) from the second box, showing them as you did before. It seems that the Aces have magically travelled across. Spelling Bee Effect: Ten cards are counted in a magical manner. Secret: The cards you use have been secretly arranged in the order shown. The actual suits do not matter. Run the cards, one at a time, from hand to hand.

Secret: The principal diamond on the card is actually cut out. It gets its colour from a piece of card held behind the Ace. Each time you want the colour of the diamond to change the secret card is moved to a new position. To get a multi-coloured diamond, position the card centrally so all four corners on the card are visible through the diamond-shaped hole. The handkerchiefs hide the movement of the secret card, look colourful and provide a reason for the colour changes. Matchless Ribbon Effect: Matches change into a ribbon Secret: Glue together several half matches and put the finished block into the drawer of a matchbox, together with one ordinary match.

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