Download Once Upon a Star by Nora Roberts, Ruth Ryan Langan, Jill Gregory, Marianne PDF

By Nora Roberts, Ruth Ryan Langan, Jill Gregory, Marianne Willman

4 all-new tales of romance, ardour, and magic...

Ever After via Nora Roberts

Catch a Falling Star by means of Jill Gregory

The Curse of chateau Clough by way of Ruth Ryan Langan

Starry, Starry Night by way of Marianne Willman

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Other Spell Work DIRECTIONALITY OF BATHING I have mentioned bathing with upward strokes to draw luck and with downward strokes to expel unnatural illness or remove crossed conditions, but it bears repeating, because you will certainly have to deal with some clients who are new to conjure work: 'TO DRAW IN POSITIVE CONDITIONS instruct the client to bathe from the feet upward, stroking the body upward while praying for what is desired. • TO REMOVE NEGATIVE CONDITIONS Instruct the client to bathefromthe head down orfromthe neck down, stroking the body downward while praying for the removal of what is not desired.

Before committing yourself to a spiritual supplier, order at least three sample baths - one for cleansing, one for love, and one for money. Open them up. See anything you can recognize by appearance or by essential oil scent? For instance, if a bath is said to be love drawing, it ought to contain love drawing herbs and / or minerals, not to be just a batch of Epsom Salts dyed pink with a cheap scent poured into it. Likewise, a money drawing bath should contain money drawing herbs and perhaps Pyrite or Lodestone and an essential oil associated with money.

Then i make sure the client knows how to prepare the bath water. Instructions may be printed on the packages i make and sell, but i find that a general verbal run-through is always a good idea with inexperienced clients. Finally i instruct how to perform the bath itself, what to do with the left-over bath water, and how to close the ritual. 36 Week Four: Soap, Water, Tub, Bath, Prayer, Candles for the Bath, and Floor Wash SIT-DOWN OR STAND-UP? Regardless of what ingredients go to make up the bath, baths themselves come in two types — the soaking or sit-down bath and the poured or stand-up bath.

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