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By Caroline Rooney, Kaori Nagai

That includes an the world over distinct checklist of participants, Kipling and past reassesses Kiplings texts and their reception on the way to discover new techniques in postcolonial reviews. the gathering asks why Kipling remains to be an important cultural icon, and what this legacy ability within the context of todays Anglo-American globalisation.

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Com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromsoe - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-05 26 The Retreat from Modernity 27 Before contesting the case made for Kipling as a modernist or protomodernist, I want to make clear that this does not rest on Kipling’s recoil from contemporary life and his search for a future in an imagined past. David Harvey has referred to modernism as ‘a troubled and fluctuating aesthetic response to conditions of modernity produced by a particular process of modernization’ (1989: 99).

Eliot’s sometimes uneasy and always measured apologia in the preface to A Choice of Kipling’s Verse (1942). In seeking beyond content for what is ‘permanent’ in the verse, Eliot praised Kipling as ballad maker and hymn writer, admired his vocation and craftsmanship, and commended his innovations rather than his experimentation. Observing the mutations in Kipling as a poet, Eliot sees his view of the British Empire, which was that of a stranger to England, as expanding and contracting at the same time: In his later phase England … becomes the centre of his vision.

The history of the Philippine insurgency (also known as the Philippine–American War) was long and gory. It lasted officially from 1899 until 1902 but bitter fighting actually continued through years of so-called ‘banditry’ until 1914. It led to the deaths of 4,200 US soldiers and a large but uncertain number of Filipinos; the lower estimate is 250,000, the high estimate a million. 2 The striking historical parallel with the Iraq War may partly explain the reintroduction of Kipling into serious contemporary imperial discourse.

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