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By Susan J. Terrio

In October 2005, 3 weeks of rioting erupted in France following the unintended deaths of 2 French boys of North African ancestry. Killed whereas fleeing the police, those boys have been deemed harmful established principally on their immigrant origins. In France, deprived kids of immigrant and international ancestry characterize nearly all of formal suspects and feature more and more been portrayed as a chance to public safeguard and because the embodiment of the attack on French values.Despite authentic rhetoric of defense, Judging Mohammed finds how the remedy of those young ones within the juvenile courts process undermines criminal promises of equality and due approach and reinforces current hierarchies. in accordance with 5 years of intensive study within the biggest and so much influential juvenile courtroom in France, this paintings follows children contained in the method, from arrest to courtroom trials. Revealing an alarming flip towards responsibility, restitution, and retribution, this groundbreaking examine uncovers the disquieting purposes in the back of France's transferring methods to the id, therapy, and illustration of its antisocial early life.

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They can be intimidated by their ignorance of the law and judicial protocols, the emphasis that judges place on middle-class social norms such as correct linguistic usage and proper demeanor, and the social distance between them and court personnel. Many minors and families nourished a hearty distrust and disdain of the court and its motives. In the end, this produced many silences in court but, at times, it also produced strident resistance. Too often, they did not have the language to explain or defend themselves.

40 Systematic incarceration at penal colonies was largely replaced by new normalizing instruments such as clinical observations, psychiatric tests, personality evaluations, family counseling, social worker visits, and court hearings. Like Foucault before him, Donzelot rejected received wisdom on the juvenile court as a progressive alternative to the more repressive systems in the past. He argued that rehabilitative measures were modeled on penal sanctions and that social inquiry reports into family backgrounds merely empowered social services and juvenile courts by indicting parents’ child-rearing abilities.

The majority demands more restitution and repression in contrast to a minority, who defend, to varying degrees, prevention and rehabilitation. Both groups include public intellectuals and media-savvy activists with privileged access to national print and visual outlets as well as to prestigious Parisian publishing houses as a means to shape public opinion and government policy. The pro-penal group includes police commissioners, juvenile judges, and new crime and security experts, some with close ties to the private corporate security sector as well as to French police unions, prosecutors, JIs, and conservative public institutes on domestic security.

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