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Vivien Stern explains the forces dictating the form and path of crime styles and felony justice responses globally, arguing that many regulations being pursued this present day, together with the so-called conflict on medications and fiscal regulations that elevate inequality, are literally growing crimes. She argues convincingly that the way in which ahead isn't really harsher prisons or letting advertisement businesses earn cash out of privatized prisons. as a substitute, a brand new felony justice time table should still contain minimum use of the felony justice process, with policing dependable to neighborhood groups, imprisonment as a final inn, morally educative consequences that profit sufferers instead of simply punishing the perpetrators, and a renewed emphasis on social justice and financial improvement that merits everybody.

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7 per cent. The disproportions are similar for women in prison. 58 In some states the figures are even more dramatic. In the District of Columbia, for instance, the proportion of African-Americans in prison per 100,000 is 1,504 compared to 52 per 100,000 of the white population, 30 times as many. 7 Source: These statistics were taken from World Prison Brief Online, 28 June 2005. Statistics are not necessarily from the same year but represent the most recent figures available. Percentages have been rounded.

They started the fire to draw attention to the conditions there. A journalist who had visited reported that each child got as much personal space ‘as that covered by a newspaper’. 77 The treatment of children and young people in the Youth Training Center in Nevada in the United States was so bad that the Justice Department in Washington DC had to intervene. The Justice Department found that the young people were punched in the chest, kicked in the legs and pushed against lockers and walls. They were thrown to the floor, slapped in the face, had their heads smashed into doors, and were pulled to the floor from their beds.

36 Corruption in prisons is not confined to the poor countries of the world where prison staff are struggling to earn enough money to feed themselves and their families. 37 The corruption that came to light in Denmark in January 2004 was somewhat unusual. In Denmark people who have been sentenced to prison may wait some time before they have to present themselves at the prison to serve their sentence. It was reported that some convicted people paid other people to do their sentence for them. 38 So prisons can be lawless and corrupt.

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