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By Anya Taylor

'This is a vital and illuminating assortment, notwithstanding, that can in basic terms were assembled by means of a formidably discovered scholar.' - N. Fruman, selection From Coleridge's tremendous writings this publication assembles excerpts from Coleridge's inquiries into the workings of realization and the soul; man's evolution and divergence from animals; the forms of human weak point and evil and the production of tradition and trust subscribe to to indicate an underlying coherence in Coleridge's interdisciplinary proposal. The editor has prepared fabric from an collection of private and non-private writings, and has supplied linking statement to the texts and notes. This quantity follows John Morrow's quantity, the 1st within the sequence, On Politics and Society (1990).

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But it is Spirit or Self, only as far as it becomes an object for itselfErgo, it can neither be infinite without being at the same time finite, nor can it be finite (for itself) without being at the same time infinite Enquiries into the Nature of Man 35 -It is neither therefore neither the one nor the other, alone, but in it subsists the primary Union of Finity & Infinity - and this is its third characteristic, or form of development. In this absolute Co-presence of the Infinite and the Finite lies the essence of an Individual Nature, of a the Self (der lchheit) -This follows likewise out of the very possibility (or sole conditions) of Self-consciousness, thro' which alone the Spirit is what it is.

It is Power selfbounded by retroition on itself, and is only for itself - . e. a new development of the original Self- 36 Enquiries into the Nature of Man predication I Passivity = negative Action. Absolute Passive pr is absolute Nothing = nihil privativum. In us it is it aliquid negativum. Hence we may now deduce a strict Demonstration of Idealism. All, that is finite, is conceivable only as a balance or unition of opposite Activityies - bttt These can only be conceived the one, as ad-extrant, the other as introitive, or as exition and retroition - but the Direction in on itself is the essential character of Spirit - the two powers therefore can or only be, & of consequently can only be united, in a Spirit- Now Ergo etc.

20 Haven suggests that the absence of a subtle vocabulary for psychological activity forced Coleridge to use an existing metaphysical vocabulary to describe it. Coleridge used 'consciousness' and 'self-consciousness' almost interchangeably to describe a continuous core of awareness, and the awareness of that awareness. From observing his empirical 'I', he determined that 'the act of self-consciousness is for us the source and principle of all our possible knowledge'. 21 The 'fullness of human intelligence' may be an expression translated from Schelling, but it is admirably applicable to his precise inspection of the mind in action, which he compared to the pulsive movement of a water insect.

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