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By Louwanda Evans

From African American pilots being requested to hold people’s baggage to consumers refusing beverages from African American flight attendants, Cabin Pressure demonstrates that racism continues to be a great deal alive within the “friendly skies.” writer Louwanda Evans attracts on provocative interviews with African american citizens within the flight to ascertain the emotional exertions curious about a enterprise that provides occupational status, but additionally a heritage of the systemic exclusion of individuals of color.

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For them, they understand that these stares are an implicit method used to insinuate that they do not belong in this particular space. Though often attributed to paranoia, these African American pilots have conceptually described and argued that there are meanings as well as feelings conveyed in a look. The idea that stares are a covert method of exclusion is coupled with the idea that they are indeed noticed in a way their white counterparts are not. ” The notion that these stares are somehow humorous involves a level of power on behalf of her co-workers, as they can find humor in experiences deemed very uncomfortable for her.

29 The intersecting identities of race, gender, and class influence experiences with emotional labor and emotion work, and they are deeply 12 Chapter 1 connected to what we are allowed to feel and display. Feeling rules, though culturally determined, were not collectively created but were created and enforced by those with social power, specifically within this organization. Important here is the exclusionary foundation in which many major industries in the United States were created, suggesting that people of color had no significant input in their creation but are yet expected to uphold these feeling rules.

Those black women and men working in this industry also have to contend with the long-standing ideology surrounding the occupation of pilot—one largely held by the mainstream white public to be an occupation largely performed and better performed by white males—while also dealing with racialized understandings of what is thought to be representative of appropriate “black” work and/or positions. 3 As a result of court cases in the 1960s, American Airlines became the first major airline to voluntary hire a black male pilot in 1964.

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