Download C# 6.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference (6th Edition) by Ben Albahari, Joseph Albahari PDF

By Ben Albahari, Joseph Albahari

If you have questions about C# 6.0 or the .NET CLR and its center Framework assemblies, this bestselling advisor has the solutions you would like. C# has turn into a language of surprising flexibility and breadth seeing that its foremost in 2000, yet this continuous progress capacity there's nonetheless even more to learn.

Organized round techniques and use circumstances, this completely up-to-date 6th variation offers intermediate and complicated programmers with a concise map of C# and .NET wisdom. Dive in and become aware of why this Nutshell consultant is taken into account the definitive reference on C#.

- wake up to hurry with all elements of the C# language, from the fundamentals of syntax and variables, to complicated issues resembling tips and operator overloading
- Dig deep into LINQ through 3 chapters devoted to the topic
- find out about dynamic, asynchronous, and parallel programming
- paintings with .NET good points, together with XML, networking, serialization, mirrored image, protection, program domain names, and code contracts

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In the following example, Foo sees the same StringBuilder object that Main instan‐ tiated, but has an independent reference to it. ToString()); // test } } Because fooSB is a copy of a reference, setting it to null doesn’t make sb null. ) The ref modifier To pass by reference, C# provides the ref parameter modifier. WriteLine (x); } // Ask Foo to deal directly with x // x is now 9 } Now assigning p a new value changes the contents of x. 4 This makes it very clear what’s going on. The ref modifier is essential in implementing a swap method (later, in “Generics” on page 114 in Chapter 3, we will show how to write a swap method that works with any type): class Test { static void Swap (ref string a, ref string b) { string temp = a; a = b; b = temp; } 4 An exception to this rule is when calling COM methods.

The Console class is actually a static class, which means all its members are static. You never actually create instances of a Console—one console is shared across the whole application. Let’s contrast instance from static members. In the following code, the instance field Name pertains to an instance of a particular Panda, whereas Population pertains to the set of all Panda instances: public class Panda { public string Name; public static int Population; // Instance field // Static field public Panda (string n) // Constructor { Name = n; // Assign the instance field Population = Population + 1; // Increment the static Population field } } Type Basics | 19 C# Language Basics Data is created by instantiating a type.

WriteLine (x); } // Compile-time error Fields and array elements are automatically initialized with the default values for their type. WriteLine (x); } } // 0 Default Values All type instances have a default value. , struct) is the same as the default value for each field defined by the custom type. Parameters A method has a sequence of parameters. Parameters define the set of arguments that must be provided for that method. WriteLine (p); // Write p to screen } static void Main() { Foo (8); } // Call Foo with an argument of 8 C# Language Basics You can control how parameters are passed with the ref and out modifiers: Parameter modifier Passed by Variable must be definitely assigned (None) Value Going in ref Reference Going in out Reference Going out Passing arguments by value By default, arguments in C# are passed by value, which is by far the most common case.

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