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Книга development electrical Guitars construction electrical GuitarsКниги English литература Автор: Martin Koch Год издания: 2001 Формат: pdf Издат.:eBook variation © Страниц: 235 Размер: 5,7 Mб Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:В книге МартинаКоха поэтапно рассказан и показан весь процесс производства электрогитар различных типов, от начальной до финальной стадии.Вы узнаете, какое дерево лучше подходит для разных гитар, как дерево лучше высушивать, какие звукосниматели и активную электронику применять и т.д. и т.п.В последней главе иллюстрированный репортаж о посещении мастерских таких известных брэндов, как "Steve Jarman Guitars" (Великобритания), "Sadowsky Guitars" (США) и "PRS-Guitars" (США).

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Then switch on the drill with one hand and complete a few windings. When you feel confident, press the locking knob on the drill and continue winding, guiding the wire first with one hand (3) and then with both hands, without pulling it, though (4). The wire will unwind from the spool automatically (probably because it was also initially wound onto the spool from above). For this to work well and not to cause the wire to break, the top edge of the spool obviously has to be very smooth. This simple wireunwinding-method has always worked well when I used it.

1. A real coil can electrically be described as an ideal inductance L in series with an Ohmic resistance R, parallel to both the winding capacity C. By far the most important quantity is the inductance, it de Fig. 2. A pickup as an audio voltage source plus second-order lowpass Fig. 4. Fundamental frequency response of a magnetic pickup. Position and height of the peak vary from type to type Fig. 3. A pickup plus real external load (pots, cable, and amp input resistance) pends on the number of windings, the magnetic material in the coil, and the geometry of the coil.

43 1 4 How many turns? The number of turns depend on the wire you use and the sound you want to achieve. Here’s a rough guideline when using AWG 42 wire: use about 8,000 turns for a single coil and about 5,000 turns per coil when making a humbucker. g. g. 8,200). Humbuckers used at neck position could have 4,500 turns per coil and if used at bridge position 5,000 turns. 2 3 When the desired number of turns has been reached and winding is finished, the hour of truth has come. Break the wire and carefully remove the finished coil from the winding jig (1).

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