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When assessing the priorities of the world's governments, imagine the positive effects from something so basic as clean drinking water. UNICEF has warned that the decline of foreign aid in the 1990s has been so sharp and swift that millions of children, even if they survive, will leave the 20th century without the most basic standards of health and education promised by world leaders in 1990. That was the year of the Children's Summit at the United Nations when government leaders promised to lift children out of abject poverty.

The United States alone spends more than $280 billion on maintaining its military might. This dwarfs the spending of any other nation. All the other NATO countries plus Japan and South Korea spend $202 billion; Russia, the nation with the 24 Bread Not Bombs World Exports of Major Conventional Weapons vs. OECD Official Development Assistance Note: These figures are based on the addition of 32 countries with aggregate 1993-1997 exports of less than $100 million to the 30 leading suppliers of major conventional weapons for 1993-1997.

N. " The only hope for efforts for demobilization and de-weaponization of former combatants is to link them to community development projects that create employment and generate new income for poorer sections of society, particularly the youth. These approaches require more transparency of the international arms market, strong regulations to deter suppliers, and more intergovernmental cooperation in the sharing of information. Public demand to tighten controls on arms production is a necessary precondition to getting any meaningful government action.

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