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By Trevor Male

Supporting first-time headteachers make the transition to formal management, this source offers crucial help and encouragement to aid them satisfy their power as academic leaders.

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Being an Effective Headteacher

Helping first-time headteachers make the transition to formal management, this source presents crucial aid and encouragement to assist them satisfy their power as academic leaders.

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The next best, the people honour and praise. The next, the people fear: and the next the people hate. When the best leader’s work is done, the people say “We did it ourselves”. (Cited in Katzenbach and Smith, 1994) So your pathway to effectiveness culminates in becoming invisible! Not a viable destination for egotists, but one that leads to the best results for the student body you seek to serve. qxd 11/08/2006 2 07:58 Page 16 The transition to formal leadership The transition to formal school leadership contains a number of required learning experiences that mainly need to be accumulated during your working life, although they may also be configured by personal attributes or a personal history that has taken on board the relevant experiences in an unconscious, unplanned manner.

The second stage of adjustment involves the task of fitting in. A new leader must reach an accommodation with the work role, the people with whom he or she interacts and the existing school culture. More stable patterns begin to emerge in the third stage by which time new leaders would have resolved conflicts about how their approach fits into the organization and will have located themselves within the context. qxd 11/08/2006 26 07:58 Page 26 Being an Effective Headteacher Whilst there is much to be learned from the Weaver-Hart study, there are differences between the nature of headship in England and the nature of principalship in the USA which must be considered.

Whilst their resourcefulness and resilience are to be applauded, this is no way to run a national system. But given the lack of intermediary agencies, this may be the only route to successfully managed transitions to headship in England for the forseeable future, especially as HIP has had a troubled birth and is still struggling to achieve coherence at the time of writing. Knowledge Building The management of learning in relation to the content or appropriate body of knowledge needed during the transition to formal leadership varies according to the type of job.

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