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By David McMullan

Developing your individual enterprise and making sure its survival can seem a frightening prospect. This sensible advisor from entrepreneur David McMullan bargains recommendation on each point of initiating a company and making sure its good fortune. It explains what making plans is critical previously and what the issues usually are to allow them to be kept away from and the way forward for the enterprise assured. the entire key issues are lined, similar to deciding upon a company, getting ready a marketing strategy, elevating the finance, settling on premises, and the an important region for many small companies - advertising and marketing, promoting and selling their items.

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Either divide total by number of working hours for hourly rate, or divide total by projected sales to get per item sales price. Take into account that not all the hours you work will be productive – some will be spent prospecting, seeking and buying materials, some on administration. Therefore, if you expect to put in 40 hours per week, work out how many of those you can expect to use actually earning money. Also, you must take out statutory holidays and your own annual holidays from the year’s 52 weeks, leaving (say) 49 weeks.

As already mentioned, many local libraries offer free Internet access. teleworking Membership of the Telework Association (TCA), established in 1993, is open to any individual or organisation whose work is carried out mainly at a distance from its source. This usually means through the use of computers and telecommunication. Relevant employment could include technical writing, software support, accountancy, public relations, data processing, research, journalism and sales. The advantages of joining include access to relevant publications and training courses.

3. street survey If you will be selling to the public, arrange a set of relevant questions with yes/no answers. This could be choices of price, for example. You should ask about six questions or as many as comfortably take 30 seconds. For the purpose of market research, 30 is the smallest number that can be safely taken as a sample representing everyone. However, with only 30 respondents, only a confidence level of 68 per cent can be assumed. Effectively, one-third of your sample will not be a good one.

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