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By Renita Weems

Weems's pioneering examine explores the confusing ways that the Hebrew prophets' portrayals of divine love, compassion, and standard dedication usually turned linked to battery, infidelity, and the rape and mutilation of girls. She wrestles with the prophets' rhetoric and sexual metaphors to discover Israelite social buildings, asking, "What is implied approximately girls, males, and God by way of the language that the prophets use to explain the covenant among Yahweh and Israel?" This provocative paintings through a number one African American biblical pupil delves deeply into problems with intimacy and tool, violence and regulate, seduction and betrayal, and is a searing indictment of the axial issues of Israelite religion-its covenantal and prophetic traditions-and their authority at the present time.

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Perdue Prayer in the New Testament by Oscar Cullmann From Creation to New Creation by Bernhard W. Anderson Canon and Theology by Rolf Rendtorff The Land Is Mine by Norman C. Habel Battered Love by Renita C. Weems Editors WALTER BRUEGGEMANN, McPheeters Professor of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, Georgia JOHN R. DONAHUE, S. , Professor of New Testament. Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, California SHARYN DOWD, Professor of New Testament, Lexington Theological Seminary, Lexington, Kentucky CHRISTOPHER R.

Hence, a metaphor about marriage tends to have more lasting value than a metaphor about vines because people tend to be more emotionally and socially invested in their intimate relationships with each other than they are in the quality and care of vines from year to year. 15 This does not mean that analogies to vines are of no value. A statement such as "Israel is a vine" is able to picture Israel as uncontrollable and pretentious in a way that no other metaphor can. In the same way, the image "Israel is a promiscuous wife" emphasizes attributes of Israel and invites reactions to Israel that other metaphors do not.

Although prophetic metaphors stress hierarchy, domination, and retribution in the divine-human bond-concepts that in our modern context warrant considerable scrutiny-it is important to hear these metaphors with the ears of a tiny kingdom. 10 Each metaphor promoted the idea that it was possible for a tiny nation to experience order, peace, stability, and justice amid threatening surroundings. Each insisted that, even though small and subordinate, Israel enjoyed a special, unique claim to its relationship with God.

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