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The Mont Blanc pen was handed back to me, and Hitler’s War too when I explained it was “evidence”. A phone card was confiscated. Dumped in the holding tank just outside the courtroom, I re-read a story by P. G. Wodehouse. I could hear a hubbub coming through the closed doors of the courtroom. The police guards had courteously left the cell door open. I had enough wriggle-room to smooth down my four-month growth of hair and to force my handcuffed hands into the blazer pocket and to extract and open the pen.

On the dot I am led into the packed courtroom, still in manacles, to be fed to the world’s press. The book and pen tell the whole story. Right: In court he forces a smile for the cameras. With looks that are oddly reminiscent of Adolf Eichmann, the public prosecutor Michael Klackl is wellprepared and raring to go.   banged up Yes, Klackl was that good. He had spent days if not weeks mastering the details of the case. He threw at the jury facts and quotations from right across my writing career, many twisted to unrecognisability in the malign way that critics have.

Zoran later did my haircuts, one millimeter all over, convict-style. an indictment was served on me in my cell, listing the allegations, all under section 3(g). It struck me as odd that as the months passed before By Krokodil to Vienna  The Unmentionable My book on the 1956 Hungarian Uprising mentions that most of the secret police and their Communist bosses were Jews. the trial, which was soon set down for February 20, 2006, and although Kresbach had me brought up to the interview rooms three or four times a week, it was just for chats or to answer questions which he relayed to me from the media—he did not seem to be seriously preparing any defence.

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