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He was brought to ground for lashes) Police: Get ready. For every lash, he will shout "Vande Maataram"…. Finally faints. Police: 1-2-3-14-15-16 Bharat-Maataa-Ki Jai Greatest Devotee Narrator: Sage Narada was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. All the time he keeps chanting the name of Sri Narayana. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh 50 Bala-Gokulam (Sage Narada enters the stage chanting a Bhajan on Narayana or simply chanting Narayana, Narayana) Narrator: Once, ego entered in to the minds of sage Narada. He started boasting about himself as the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Guruji: I'm glad that you have learnt every thing. Let us perform a test. Can you see that huge banyan tree ? Shishya 1: Yes, Guruji. Guruji: Go and sit below that tree. Go on chanting saying you have learnt. For every one mistake you do, one leaf will follow down. Shishya 1: Okay Guruji. Shishya 1: Om sahanaavavatu < All the leaves start falling.

Shivaji was an embodiment of justice. He never showed any special favors to his relatives. He always encouraged those who were virtuous and meritorious. This enabled those who were virtuous to progress and occupy high places. There Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh 33 Bala-Gokulam was no scope for selfish contrivers in his kingdom. In this manner Shivaji revolutionized every department of life. This is the thrilling tale of how Shivaji won ' Swaraj’. As we read it don't we feel that we too should follow the example of Shivaji?

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