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But it is doubtful if any sign in the Zodiac illustrates so markedly the contrast between the spiritually awakened soul and its opposite. Crafty and cunning, with intense passions and jealousies and with a wreak insatiable revenges, the Scorpio native becomes, under higher impulses, indefatigable in his desire to help mankind, and his coldness and insensibility to the sufferings of vindictiveness which will others is transmuted into devotion and self-sacrifice. The coolness of demeanor and stern sense of justice and integrity, together with uncontrollable desire for freedom, may degenerate into hanshncH*** and discontent, or blossom into efficiency, sympathy and selfishness true generosity.

Their vitality is great, but with a tendency to sluggishness they are slow to start, but, once in motion, they gather momentum, and when well under ; way nothing that word in will ever stop them. In a word, they are its full mechanical sense. The will is weighty, using dominant and even obstinate and the persistence and tenacity of the native are never in doubt. General Grant is an excellent example of this position of the Sun. Like other qualities, however, this tenacity may have its defects. The native is sometimes inclined to continue in a course which good judgment would see to be hopeless.

The first principle of all mechanical efficiency is the fulcrum; a rigid base is necessary for every machine. An enormous proportion of the power developed for locomotion is wasted in, hammering out a per- manent way. Sun ? which is the fulcrum of the a in movable, airy, mercurial sign* the working If, therefore, the bodily machine, is power of the engine is seriously diminished. Wagner, and Queen Victoria seem to be exceptions to this rule, it is because, in their cases, the Sun was still within a degree or two of Taurus and partakes very largely of his nature* If Dante, In all these cases, too, it was well-aspected* Speaking generally, people with the Sun in Gemini show a certain vagueness and irresponsibility, finding it hard to concentrate upon any subject or even to take any subject seriously.

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