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The Role of the Regions in EU Governance

This e-book compares for the 1st time how the areas in seven diverse international locations (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the united kingdom) are enthusiastic about ecu governance. it's also the 1st ebook which tackles this topic from various views; that of ecu legislation and that of comparative legislations.

What's Within?: Nativism Reconsidered (Philosophy of Mind Series)

This powerfully iconoclastic publication reconsiders the influential nativist place towards the brain. Nativists assert that a few ideas, ideals, or capacities are innate or inborn: "native" to the brain instead of obtained. Fiona Cowie argues that this view is wrong, demonstrating that nativism is an risky amalgam of 2 particularly different--and most likely inconsistent--theses concerning the brain.

Being an Effective Headteacher

Supporting first-time headteachers make the transition to formal management, this source presents crucial aid and encouragement to aid them satisfy their strength as academic leaders.

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Just try it, Messere. ” Ezio placed the slow match on the touchhole. For a long moment, nothing happened, then he sprang back as the cannon bucked and roared. Looking across to the targets, he could see that his ball had shattered one of them. “Well done,” said the armorer. “Perfetto! ” Ezio had the men reload and fired again. But this time he missed. “Can’t win ’em all,” said the armorer. “But come back at dawn. ” “I will,” said Ezio, little realizing that when he next fired a cannon, it would be in deadly earnest.

He drew his sword, rising in his saddle to scan the ramparts. “Don’t worry,” said Mario, laughing heartily. “It’s only exercises. We’ve upgraded the arsenal here and installed new cannon all along the battlements. ” “Don’t worry,” said Mario again. ” A short while later they were riding through the open principal gate of the town and up the broad main thoroughfare, which led to the citadel. As they did so, crowds gathered to line the street, looking at Ezio with a mixture of respect, admiration, and affection.

Very well,” replied Ezio, hoping that the meeting he was to attend that evening would not result in his having to leave Monteriggioni immediately. He was making his way across the main square of the town when he noticed an attractive woman who was struggling with an unwieldy box of red and yellow flowers—clearly too heavy for her to lift. At that time of day there were few people around, and Ezio had always found it difficult to resist a damsel in distress. ” he asked, coming up to her. She smiled at him.

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