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By Miles Hudson

The assassination of political, spiritual and armed forces leaders, usually dictators, is often visible because the brief minimize to fixing a selected challenge. the writer takes factor with this argument. interpreting a chain of associated assassinations including their reasons and results, he seeks to illustrate that during many instances the killings have produced unexpected and accidental effects that each one too usually bring about the other end result to that wanted.

His case reports, prepared intriguingly in pairs, hide such assorted characters as Julius Caesar and Thomas a' Becket, Gandhi and Jesus Christ, Tsar Alexander II and Abraham Lincoln, Michael Collins and box Marshal Sir Henry Wilson, and Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

This is an soaking up, debatable and informative learn.

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Small, wizened, rather emaciated, no front teeth, it is a personality very poorly adorned with this world’s trimmings. 21 Clearly, from the Nationalists’ point of view the great bonus of this meeting was that here was their leader talking on equal terms with the Viceroy – a new and, to them, massively important development. This was not lost on Churchill, who was revolted by ‘the nauseating and humiliating spectacle of this one time Inner Temple lawyer, now seditious fakir, striding half-naked up the steps of the Viceroy’s palace there to negotiate and parley on equal terms with the representative of the King Emperor’.

However, his views and personality were always a prime factor in shaping Congress’s policy towards the British Raj. There were, of course, ups and downs. In fact Gandhi did at one stage come to an agreement with the current Viceroy, Lord Irwin later Lord Halifax. Irwin was a deeply religious Anglican. 20 As he put it in a letter to the King: I must confess to your Majesty that I was, too, greatly interested in having the opportunity of discussion with this strange little man. I had met him of course before two or three other times, but never in circumstances that permitted conversation to be entirely free.

Gandhi’s continued and powerful message of Hindu/Moslem reconciliation was anathema to them. They saw the Moslems as usurpers whose presence stemmed from the Mogul invasion of the sixteenth century. In fact, as we have seen, many Moslems in India were the descendants of Hindu untouchables, who had become Moslem because that religion did not accept the caste system in any shape or form but saw all human beings as equal in the sight of Allah, the one and only God. The fact that many, if not most, Moslems in India, were, as the RSS saw it, the descendants of renegades from the true religion only served to exacerbate the extremists’ hatred.

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