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Historian and collector Michael eco-friendly indicates during this attention-grabbing and graphically illustrated ebook that the 2 wars that engulfed Indochina and North and South Vietnam over 30 years have been way more armored in nature than normally considered. via skillful use of images and descriptive textual content he describes the various variations deployed and their contribution.

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These include the improvised bustle rack attached to the rear of the vehicle’s turret and smoke grenades arrayed on the side of the vehicle’s turret to allow the vehicle commander to mark his location for air assets. There is also a homemade brush guard in front of the driver’s position to protect him from being impaled by dense vegetation when his hatch was open. (Patton Museum) Somewhere in South Vietnam is a halted column of Australian Army Centurion Mk 5 tanks. The deployment of these tanks to South Vietnam was not without some discord.

The Type-95 light tank entered Japanese Army service in 1935. 5mt) and was powered by a gasoline engine in early production units that was later replaced with a diesel engine. The operational range of the vehicle was approximately 100 miles (161km) on level roads. 7mm machine-guns. Maximum armour thickness on the front of the Type 89 medium tank was 17mm. The vehicle first entered Japanese Army service in 1931. With the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan, the Japanese Government surrendered on 15 August 1945.

Meyer were provided by the late Richard Hunnicutt. A special note of thanks goes to Ken Estes and Michael Panchyshyn for taking the time to review the text and pictures for accuracy. William Highlander, director of communications for FMC, provided the author permission to access the firm’s picture library. Other organizations that assisted the author in acquiring images for this book include the helpful staffs of the former Patton Museum of Armour and Cavalry, the National Archives, and the Tank Museum, Bovington, England.

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