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By Michael E. Stone

This quantity introduces a cycle of reports approximately Abraham as preserved in fifteen unpublished, overdue medieval manuscripts in Armenian, released right here in English for the 1st time with commentaries, annotations, and important equipment. The texts current embroidered Abraham tales facing his early life, his existence in Egypt, the binding of Isaac, the tale of Melchizedek, and different stories. Embedding Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and different historical traditions, those texts exhibit mutual borrowing and impression over centuries.

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5). 5. The invention of the seed plough is not mentioned (2, 4, 8, 15). 6. 7). 7. The temple’s deity is not specified (all texts). 8. 7). 66 Text nos. 2 and 15 are full stories, though text no. 15 concludes this episode after the burning of the temple, when Abraham’s family is angered at him and he flees and ends up in Egypt; text no. 4 is brief, while text no. 6 is brief and poetic: 1. Concerning the flocks of crows in the fields, Who mentioned God on high and the ravens fled. 2. Then there came to his mind the clear thought, (That) it is the Creator, God, who does miracles.

This may be another instance of the common Armenian variation of “5” and “7”. 2. 1 The work from it that we are publishing is entitled Պատմութիւն հայր Աբրահամու Story of Father Abraham, and it is found on fols. 82v–90v. H. 2 The manuscript is written in formal minuscule script (bolorgir), and the place and exact date of copying remain unknown. 3 It is followed by other, more theological writings, including Vardan Aygkec‘i’s Confession of Faith. The orthography is unremarkable, and there is extensive use of ideographs and the single stroke abbreviation for ա.

First, let us consider those episodes and incidents that are present in the biblical narrative but do not occur in the Armenian apocryphal Abraham texts. In some instances the reasons for their omission seem virtually certain. These are cases where a number of omitted episodes or incidents share a feature or features of content that are absent completely from the apocryphal retelling of the Bible. It seems reasonable to assume that this shared feature provides the motive for omission of these episodes.

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