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Esta antología recoge las discusiones más importantes sobre un tipo de argumentación filosófica cuyo antecedente más importante se encuentra en l. a. filosofía crítica de Kant y que pretende establecer condiciones necesarias de los angeles experiencia. El volumen repasa diversas maneras de apoyar y de criticar este tipo de inferencia, así como distintas formas de interpretar los angeles naturaleza de aquellas condiciones que buscan concluir los argumentos trascendentales. Incluye artículos ya clásicos de Stephan Körner, Donald Davidson, Eva Shaper, Roderick Chisholm, Barry Stroud, Peter Hacker, P.F. Strawson, Manfred Baum, Jonathan Bennett y Ralph Walker, entre otros.

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58 Thus, for example, Barend van Nooten,59 Ruth Katz,60 James Laine,61 Barbara Stoler Miller,62 Yaroslav Vassilkov,63 Luis González-Reimann64 and Kevin McGrath,65 all work on the basis of there being a ‘prior’, ‘bardic’, ‘heroic’ core to the Mbh, which has been ‘overtaken’ by other, more ‘didactic’ or ‘religious’ elements. Van Buitenen himself presents a somewhat ambiguous and, at times, confusing position, a position that slowly drifts over the course of the introductions to each volume of his translation of the Mbh.

131) notes that a land grand dating from 532-3 CE referring to an Mbh of 100,000 verses “strongly implies the present extent of the text”. 102 A. 229-286. Cf. 485, noting that AÕvaghoùa “definitely draws on the Ö¾nitparvan”. 103 Cf. 247 for cautionary remarks regarding the narrative/didactic distinction. 34 CHAPTER ONE sciences’ (n¾n¾Õ¾stropab}ühit¾). 48), UgraÕravas speaks of the Mbh as containing ‘histories with commentaries’ (itih¾s¾þ savaiy¾khy¾). In this latter citation, vaiy¾khy¾ is of particular interest, since it derives from vy-¾-—khy¾, ‘to explain’, a verb giving rise to a number of words pertaining to ‘explanation’ and ‘commentary’.

For instance, cognates of vy-¾-—khy¾ tend to introduce didactic passages, even when they occur in the midst of ‘narrative’ sections, and are most frequent in the didactic books where they are often used in ‘formulaic’ introductory phrases. 106 While for some scholars this might merely constitute data indicating a ‘periodisation’ that can be mapped on the Mbh via differences in formulaic material, it may equally point to the encoding of different ‘modes of discourse’ in the Mbh. These differences, therefore, need not lead to total separation in the manner of Hopkins.

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