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By Jeremy Till

Polemics and reflections on find out how to bridge the distance among what structure really is and what architects wish it to be.

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We are not in the direct territory of Swiss Blackshirts here, but in a strange Deluded Detachment 23 24 Contingency world where Scully can immediately follow up with “but it [ fascism] is only one of the ghosts. ”51 So that’s OK then, Scully appears to be saying, as if the presence of fascism is acceptable, even overridden, by placing Rossi in a lineage of great architects, as if in that autonomous genealogy we can overlook the intolerable. And with that the notion of the autonomy of architecture should come to a juddering halt.

42 We are left with the illusion of order, but closer inspection reveals that the underlying reality is rapidly unraveling that semblance. Our architect Henry, the one who saw toys as rogue objects, clearly found architecture too unorderly and too unorderable, and so he stopped practicing. Instead he set up a company that manufactures fireplaces, the Platonic Fireplace Company. He finds peace in the controllable gas flame playing over little stone cubes, spheres, and pyramids in a semblance of order.

Below is Bacon’s interpretation of the same site. A few sparse color-coded lines connecting up isolated monuments; all is understandable in a glance. One can almost A Semblance of Order 35 36 Contingency sense Bacon’s relief in making the drawing, in his ruthless editing of the contingent. Out of sight, out of mind. The world, emptied of uncertainty, is now controlled and controllable. Order all round. Bacon’s juxtaposition of the two drawings makes explicit a general architectural tendency, that of ridding the world of contingency the better to manipulate that world into (a semblance of ) order.

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