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By George Wypych (Auth.)

The Antistatics Databook includes designated info on over three hundred often used antistatic ingredients for polymers - ingredients able to enhancing houses of fabrics so they develop into antistatic, conductive or EMI shielded. the capability hazards of static electrical energy, in addition to the diversity of antistatic ingredients to be had, suggest that choosing the right antistatic agent is key. This databook is a vital resource of data for undefined, study, and academia.

Each additive is gifted with information within the following different types: normal details; actual houses; wellbeing and fitness and protection; Ecological houses; and Use and function. The Databook features a great amount of knowledge, from kingdom, scent, and colour to autoignition temperature and chance of biodegradation. thoughts are supplied for items, processing tools and dosages, and the positive factors and merits of every additive are assessed.

  • Contains the main wide facts to be had on lots of antistatics
  • Features a hundred thirty facts fields for every additive, divided into the subsequent different types: basic details, actual houses, future health and safeguard, Ecological homes, and Use and Performance.
  • Includes an review of advantages and homes of every additive, instructed dosages and processing methods.

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If symptoms persist get medical attention. 5 NIOSH, TLV – TWA 8h ppm 400 Animal testing, acute toxicity, Rat oral LD50 mg/kg 21600 Animal testing, acute toxicity, Mouse oral LD50 mg/kg 3600 Animal testing, acute toxicity, Rabbit dermal LD50 mg/kg 12800 Antistatics Databook / Copyrights 2014; ChemTec Publishing 46 Accosoft 808 PARAMETER UNIT VALUE Animal testing, acute toxicity, Rat inhalation, LC50 ppm 16000 8H Skin irritation May cause irritation of the skin but it is not considered a dermal sensitizing agent Eye irritation (human) May cause irritation to the eyes Ingestion Irritation of the throat, stomach, and gastrointestinal track First aid, eyes Flush with water for at least 15 min.

This product is not considered a dermal sensitizing Eye irritation (human) Contact can cause moderate to severe irritation and possible injury to the eyes Ingestion This product may be harmful if it is swallowed First aid, eyes Flush with water for at least 15 min. Consult physician if symptoms persist First aid, skin Immediately take off all contaminated clothing and flush skin with large amounts of water First aid, inhalation Move victim to fresh air. If symptoms persist get medical attention.

Seek medical attention immediately First aid, inhalation Immediately wash skin with plenty of soap and water while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Get medical attention. 02 pH - 4 to 5 Health 3 Flammability 1 Reactivity 0 Health 3 Flammability 1 Reactivity 0 o HEALTH & SAFETY NFPA classification HMIS classification HMIS personal protection Gloves, coveralls, apron, boots as necessary to minimize contact. Chemical goggles; also wear a face shield if splashing hazard exists. , (quaternary ammonium), 8, UN1760, PGIII Flash point o Flash point method - COC Animal testing, acute toxicity, Rat oral LD50 mg/kg 641 C Antistatics Databook / Copyrights 2014; ChemTec Publishing 240 36 Soyadimethylethylammonium, ethylsulfate PARAMETER UNIT VALUE Skin irritation Skin contact may cause severe damage on prolonged contact Eye irritation (human) Eye contact may cause severe irritation, redness, swelling, discharge or corneal clouding First aid, eyes Immediately rinse eyes with running water for 15 minutes.

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