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By Paul C. Eklof

This is often a longer therapy of the set-theoretic ideas that have remodeled the learn of abelian staff and module idea during the last 15 years. a part of the booklet is new paintings which doesn't seem somewhere else in any shape. moreover, a wide physique of fabric which has seemed formerly (in scattered and occasionally inaccessible magazine articles) has been generally transformed and in lots of instances given new and enhanced proofs. The set concept required is punctiliously built with algebraists in brain, and the independence effects are derived from explicitly acknowledged axioms. The e-book comprises workouts and a consultant to the literature and is acceptable to be used in graduate classes or seminars, in addition to being of curiosity to researchers in algebra and good judgment.

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But then the maximality of D implies that D’= D,so Y belongs to D. For any X I , it is easy to verify that either { X } U D or { I \ X} U D has FIP. 4 Definition. For any infinite cardinal 6,a filter D on I is called 6-complete if for every subset S of D of cardinality < 6, S belongs to D. Otherwise, it is K-incomplete. An wl-complete filter is also called countably complete. n Generally, having defined a property of filters, we shall say that an ideal N has that property if the filter { I \ X : X E N } does.

9 Definition. Given a set J and a regular cardinal rc 5 IJI, let P,(J) = {Y E P(J):IYI< K } . For each Y E P,(J), let U y = { X E P,(J):Y C X}. Let F,(J) be the filter on P,(J) generated 11. Then F,(J) is a K-complete filter, since for any cardinal A < K and sets Yv(v < A ) in PK(J), n y < x U y , _> UW where W = UVcx Y, which has cardinality < K. 10 Theorem. Let A be an uncountable cardinal and K. an Lxwcompact cardinal. d. of cardinality < A. If M is a tc-free R-module (of arbitrary cardinality), then M is free.

Games and trees In this section we will introduce some useful notions from set theory which did not find a home in earlier sections. We begin by studying (two-person) games. These games can be thought of intuitively as two players alternately choosing moves (numbered by ordinals) according to some rules. The two players will usually be called Player I and Player 11. Player I moves at the even ordinals and Player I1 moves at the odd ordinals. Thus Player I starts with move 0, and moves at limit stages, with move w , w + w , etc.

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