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By Crispin H T Fletcher-Louis

This quantity examines useless Sea Scroll texts which pertain to the Qumran community's knowing of: a transcendent, angelmorphic or divine humanity; and the position of cultic house and time, and the event of worship, within the formation of the sort of humanity. The booklet includes 12 chapters. the 1st 3 are dedicated to fabric which both antedates or presents vital cognate fabric to the perculiarly sectarian fabric studied within the the rest chapters (especially the ebook of Noah and Sirach). Chapters 4 to 6 research texts dedicated to a divine humanity, the divine or angelec Moses and the heavenly human priesthood. The 7th bankruptcy discusses the magical and theophanic value of the excessive priest's breastpiece at Qumran. Chapters 8 to 11 are revisionist examining of the "Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice" as a liturgy for a divine humanity, and bankruptcy thirteen proposes a brand new interpretation of 1QM 10-17 within the comparable vein. except useless Sea Scroll students, this booklet must also be worthwhile for an individual engaged on biblical anthropology, messianism and Christology, and temple or cultic theology.

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Enoch 106:13): his face has been lifted up to Enoch and "his eyes shine like I the] s[un" (line 12, cf. / Enoch 106:5) and something about him is "a flame" (line 13). Fragment 3 speaks of the birth of a first born (line 3) and Lamech, his father, seeing the child (line 4) followed by the important statement "the chambers of the house like the beams of the sun (‫ הסמפ‬ΤΠΓΟ ‫ " ) ח ד ר י ה כ י ח‬in line 5, (see DJD 1:85). c 5 6 8 35 THE DIVINE AND PRIESTLY NOAH the text is highly fragmentary and adds precious little to our understanding.

C. This is a point which must be pressed i f only because it impinges on both the issues of life setting and, therefore, the meaning of the text. In its extant form the stoiy of Noah's theophanic birth is inextricably bound to the anxiety provoked by the fall of the watchers mythology and this, as we have seen, has a life setting in third and fourth century struggles for priestly identity and self-definition. In the Book of Watchers the answer to the cosmic and social breakdown caused by the descent of the watchers is Enoch's intercession as one who is able to ascend to heaven to receive God's judgement.

The clearest reference to a textual tradition devoted to Noah and his teaching is provided by Jubilees 21:10 in which Abraham appeals to the "Words of Noah" (alongside the "Words of Enoch") in the context of a long list of cultic and priestly instructions given to his son Isaac (21:1-20). At the literary level of the text of Jubilees this is a reference back to chapter 7 where Noah bears witness to his sons regarding the tradition passed down through his fathers from Enoch (7:34-39). However, the reference to the Words of Noah seems to imply a written text containing extra-biblical priestly instruction dealing with such things as the type of wood to be used for the altar, washing before cultic administration, the use of all salt in sacrifices, the eating of the meat before sundown a day after sacrifice, instructions concerning contamination of holy things with blood (21:17-20, cf.

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