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By R. J. Stewart

Complex Magical Arts: Visualization, Meditation and formality within the Western Magical culture. just a iteration in the past a lot of the fabric during this booklet might were considered as 'secret', for personal workforce use basically. a lot of it's been constructed by way of small teams of committed humans over the last decade - a very fruitful interval of development within the magical arts. In "Advanced Magical Arts," the writer attracts upon the coherent, mature and enduring platforms of magic, lengthy preserved in our Western tradition. With attractive illustrations through Miranda grey, he deals a sequence of basic elements of the paranormal arts, which he helps with sensible examples of visualizations and rituals. R.J. Stewart is a hugely revered Scottish writer and composer who has labored, researched and written greatly on track, folklore and the Western Esoteric culture. he's the founder and organizer of the yearly Merlin convention.

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RITUAL 47 48 ADVANCED MAGICAL ARTS Consecrated Objects A consecrated object has a certain force inherent within it. This force does not drain away, and does not need to be habitually renewed or conditioned or recharged: further 'charge' may indeed be given through ceremony or group vital energies, but the spiritual force has permanently empowered the physical form . This is a typical example of a Solar or, more rarely, Stellar magical operation, in which the higher faculties of consciousness and energy re-attune a normally mundane object to the resonance of the higher worlds.

In such states, consciousness comprehends relative truths and experiences dynamic transformations beyond exterior form or interior imagery such as is used in visualisation. These higher modes and relationships may, however, be defined and given expression by the process of a symbolic descent, such as working through the Three Worlds or down the Tree of Life. This is traditionally described as a mirroring or echo of the divine act of creation, through which a human entity repeats the metaphysical unfolding or devolution that lead to the exteriorised worlds.

Advanced magical arts reverse this process, and the inner energies sanctify or endow the chosen objects with required properties. This is a very ancient magical concept indeed, and needs to be kept firmly in mind for practical work. During this short discussion, we have moved conceptually from the Lunar World (which includes our outer or physical body, thoughts and emotions) towards the Solar World: suddenly we have left objects behind as stimuli or associative symbols, but we may now return to them as vessels of power.

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