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By Sela, Shlomo Sela

This quantity deals the 1st serious version, translated and annotated, of the 2 types of Abrahan Ibn Ezra's e-book of the realm, the 1st Hebrew paintings, distinctive in medieval Jewish technology, to debate the theories and strategies of old and meteorological astrology.

Preface; Abbreviations; advent; Early-Jewish global Astrology; major resources, Theories and Doctrines in 'Olam I and 'Olam II; international Astrology in different elements of Abraham Ibn Ezra's Oeuvre; position and Date of Composition; The serious version of the Hebrew textual content; half One: First model of the booklet of the area by means of Abraham Ibn Ezra. Hebrew textual content and English Translation; half : Notes to the 1st model of the ebook of the realm; half 3: moment model of the e-book of the area through Abraham Ibn Ezra. Hebrew textual content and English Translation. half 4: Notes to the second one model of the booklet of the WorldPart 5: comparable Texts; The e-book of Masha'allah on Eclipses; The 10th bankruptcy of Reshit Hokhmah; a fraction of the lengthy statement on Ex. 33:21; The creation to Sefer ha-Moladot; half Six: Appendixes; A. Manuscripts; B. References to Sefer ha-'Olam; C. Contents of 'Olam I and Concordance to 'Olam II; D. Contents of 'Olam II and Concordance to 'Olam I; E. Liber Primus de Gentibus and Concordance to 'Olam I and 'Olam II; F. Zodiacal indicators of towns; G. Zodiacal symptoms and Planets Assigned to Lands and Kingdoms. H. experts and SourcesBibliography; word list of Technical phrases; Index.

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I, cap. viii, sig. Gr; Tractatus pluviarum, – (ed. Burnett, p. ). 152 #Olam B, § :–, § :–, § :–, § :– and notes, cf. Epitome, , Lib. I, cap. ii, sig. Fr– Fr. introduction  Ibn Ezra juxtaposes world astrology and the doctrine of nativities and presents a series of original ideas about world astrology. . The Tenth Chapter of Reshit Hokhmah . 154 As it happens, Ibn Ezra followed Ab¯u Ma#shar’s lead: conjunctional astrology is discussed mainly in the two versions of Sefer ha-#Olam, while cyclical world astrology is dealt with almost exclusively in the tenth chapter of Reshit Hokhmah, an introduction to astrology that is considered to be .

Introduction  The fifth way is concerned with the social rank of the family; the sixth, with the authority of the king. 218 But the fifth and sixth ways provide a window into the sociopolitical mindset and awareness of an astrologically minded intellectual of the twelfth century: instead of conceiving of social status arising from family standing or political power as sociological factors created by a combination of structural and anonymous traits of society, or as personal factors determined by the free will of individuals, Ibn Ezra converts them into macro-astrological factors that control human social mobility.

205 See Liber de nativitatibus, , sig. Er: “Saturnus in nona nativitate Iudei suam fidem constanter servaturam ostendit, in Christiani vero nativitate suam fidem neglucturam iudicat, Sarraceni quoque nascentis idem fidem infirmat. Sol vero in nona, fidem Christiani nascentis consolidat, Iudei et Sarraceni, fidem nascentis negligendam ostendit. 209 To explain the macro-astrological properties of the climates on Earth, Ibn Ezra applies the Hippocratic-Galenic theory of the four humors. ” 206 In Antiquity and the Middle Ages, the climates were considered to be seven bands covering the entire oikumene and extended in latitude between two parallels where the same phenomena were to be found, such as a prevailing weather or the length of the longest day in summer.

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