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By Keith N. Grüneberg

This monograph investigates Genesis 12:3 in its context within the ultimate type of Genesis. the writer argues that the verse is, first, a promise of defense and greatness to Abraham and Israel. besides the fact that, its place following Genesis 1-11 additionally shows a divine plan to increase blessing to all of the peoples of the earth. assisting this figuring out of the verse, the writer examines the shut parallels that Genesis and Numbers 24:9 need to Genesis 12:3. He additionally offers a close attention of the idea that of blessing within the previous testomony and of the niphal and hithpael stems of the verb barak. Ph.D. dissertation below the supervision of Dr R. W. L. Moberly, Durham, united kingdom.

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G. BHS) requires further modifications to the text and seems unjustifiable: LXX's highly interpretative rendering still includes a reference to "seed". 74 The only attested king named Agag is that of ISam 15 who does not appear of particular significance - even if the oracle dates to the very early monarchy, Agag is not an obvious symbol of world power (Gray 1903, 366). However emendation to 515 (cf. SP; LXX), though attractive, both offends against the principle of lectio difflcilior potior and requires a very late date for the oracle.

However we have still not explained how these words are an effective utterance; prima facie they just state what God will do. Unlike Num 6:23-26, they are not a prayer inviting Yhwh to do something. Nor, still more clearly, are they invocations of any power beyond Yhwh. Rather they are a statement of the divine will which thenceforth binds Yhwh (cf. 23:19). ) Once Balaam has proclaimed these things, they then must happen; options 42 Cf. Guillet 1969,164. 43 Cf. Sturdy 1976,54: it is one of the functions of the priests "effectively to ensure" God's favour by blessing.

Rouillard 1985, 85; Mitchell 1987, 92; Davies 1995,256-57. 37 Mitchell 1987, 93. Numbers 24:9b 23 God merely gives him a glimpse into the past or future of Israel. 38 Balaam, like a diviner or a prophet, has the role of discerning and declaring what will be. However Balak seems to think that Balaam's words may make a difference: he summons Balaam not to find out what will happen - whether, for example, military action against Israel would be successful - but to weaken Israel (22:6). If Balaam simply declares what is already determined, Balak has no reason to expect him to say things that will please his paymaster.

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