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By John Norris, Mike Fuller

The German 88 mm used to be by way of a ways the main well-known and flexible artillery weapon of global struggle II. It used to be first used as an anti-aircraft weapon through the Condor Legion throughout the Spanish Civil struggle and observed additional carrier within the German invasions of Poland and France, the place it was once first utilized in its anti-tank function. This position used to be fairly profitable and the 88 turned feared by way of tank crews from North Africa to Russia. except those major roles the 88 mm used to be used because the major weapon on late-war German tanks, as a self-propelled gun, or even as an aerial weapon. This booklet covers most of these editions, explaining their layout, improvement and operational use.

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It includes the same type of advanced features found on the US M270 and M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). ru) 43 A series of 90km rockets using a new propellant – many with the same warheads as the 70km rockets and including new types such as a reconnaissance UAV payload – were also developed. Designation Warhead Type 9M528 HE fragmentation 9M525 Fragmentation (Cluster – 72 submunitions) 9M526 AT (Cluster – 5 IR homing Motiv-3F anti-tank submunitions) 9M527 AT mine (Cluster – 25 PTM-3 5kg magnetically activated mines) 9M531 AP/AT (Cluster – 646 or 588 dual-purpose submunitions) 9M533 AT (Cluster – 5 IR homing submunitions) 9M532 AT (Cluster – 20 IR homing submunitions) 9M529 Thermobaric 9M530 HE (Earth Penetrator) 9M534 Reconnaissance UAV A rocket with a range of 120km, the 9M452, was created for an export customer by increasing the amount of propellant and reducing the size of HE-fragmentation warhead.

The 9A52 launch vehicle used the MAZ-79111 chassis and its 9T234 resupply vehicle the MAZ-79112 chassis. Although never an official designation, it is sometimes referred to outside the Russian Federation as the BM-30. Jacks between the third and fourth wheels on each side stabilize the launch vehicle during firing. Twelve 300mm launch tubes are located at the rear of the chassis. In their usual position at the left rear corner are the gunner’s work platform, 42 a panoramic sighting telescope, and traverse and elevation controls.

Ministry of Defense – Russian Federation) RIGHT: The 2B17-1. The satellite antenna for the navigation system can be seen extending above the cab’s roof. (Vitaly Kuzmin) BELOW: The A215 Grad-M is a naval mount for 40 122mm rockets. It equips both landing ships and small gun-armed combatants primarily for engagement of targets on shore, but can be used against enemy vessels. The mount is reloaded through two hatches directly below the launcher and is accomplished by replacing the array of launch tubes on each side as a single unit.

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