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By E. Thomas Strom and Seth C. Rasmussen (Eds.)

content material: Leo H. Baekeland --
A portrait of Leo H. Baekeland --
Materia polymerica : bakelite --
Leo Baekeland's legacy : a hundred years of plastics --
heritage of interpenetrating polymer networks beginning with bakelite-based compositions --
old views on phenolic resins --
extreme temperature fragrant polyesters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid and their copolyesters --
of their personal phrases : plastic pioneers within the chemical background beginning oral historical past files --
heritage of polyethylene --
Electrically accomplishing plastics : revising the historical past of conjugated natural polymers --
Polymeric biomaterials : a background of use in musculoskeletal regenerative and reconstructive medicine.

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He also explored the reactions between saligenin and phenol itself. This reaction produces substances of the diphenylol methane type. Baekeland was especially interested in the infusible and insoluble resin produced by the method of Story. He did a more careful chemical engineering analysis of the process and showed that during the long “drying” stage, both water and phenol were expelled from the mass. The heterogeneous nature of this procedure produced a product with large stresses and distortions.

In the 1880’s Arthur Michael (1853-1942) continued the study of these reactions and demonstrated the amorphous character of the resinous products. He also showed that the reactions could be catalyzed by base as well as acid (3). Eventually this work resulted in his election to the National Academy of Sciences (1889) and to appointment to Harvard University (1912). Michael is best remembered for his work on enolate ions, a subject central to the formation of Bakelite. By 1890 formaldehyde could be obtained commercially as a 40% aqueous solution.

Facing East. Plant employee parking lots (right front, left rear) are full. But Suburbia is approaching from North. Courtesy of the Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award Collection, North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society. 45 In 100+ Years of Plastics. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2011. ch004 Figure 11. Newark News write-up of the 40th anniversary of the North Jersey ACS Section. Courtesy of the Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award Collection, North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society.

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